2021 Chinese QingMing Day - To worship ancestors and sweep the tombs

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2021 Chinese QingMing Day - To worship ancestors and sweep the tombs

Chinese Qingming Festival has been designated as a legal holiday since 2008. The annual Qingming Festival is usually on April 5th. 

Qingming Festival has become a day for people to worship their ancestors and sweep the tombs. It is similar to the feast of All Saints in France.

At the Qingming Festival, the Chinese will go to the ancestors to visit the tomb with a family, bring some food as sacrifices, such as fruit, steamed bread, white wine, for the ancestors in the underworld to enjoy, and will burn paper money to the ancestors underground. All of these are for the deceased ancestors to live comfortably in the underworld.

Qingming Ancient Poems
[Tang Dynasty] Du Mu

The ceaseless drizzle drips all the dismal day,
So broken-hearted fares the traveler on the way.
When asked where could be found at cavern bower,
A cowboy points to yonder village of the apricot flower.
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